Jon Seccombe Music is part of Arndell Reighton Press and features the music of Jon Seccombe and other Australian artists such as Tina Walton-King and writers including Cath Taylor and David Bolliger.

After graduating from St Andrews Cathedral as Head Chorister, Jon trained in music at the NSW State Conservatorium of Music and studied English Literature, Ancient History with an Honours degree in New Testament History from Sydney's Macquarie University. He has been a Head of Department and teacher of English, History, Legal Studies, Geography and Commerce for  three decades. Jon plays piano, trumpet, saxophone, flute, pipe organ and is a trained piano tuner. He has been the music director at a number of Sydney churches.

Songs on this site have been produced by Peter Stevenson of Turnaround Music.

Contact Donna Mandelkow for bookings and further information. At jonseccombemusic75@gmail.com or donnamandelkow2@gmail.com

Photography is by David Stowe (davidstowe.com.au) and Jon Seccombe and features Australian and New Zealand landscapes. Some artwork (including that on the cds) is by Dan Markovina of Velvet Creative (velvet.com.au)

Jon Seccombe music is available on 3 cds. While older tracks (preceding the cds) are being progressively made available to churches on this site, the vocal recordings are a guide only and have not been produced in a studio. (Each song costs around AU$3,000 to produce). These songs are made freely available on the understanding that churches are active participants in the CCLI scheme or through APRA for radio play. All studio tracks are professionally recorded by session musicians.